NWA Central States adds Missouri to it’s Territory

NWA Central States has been promoting events in Illinois, but they are announcing that they will begin promoting events in Missouri.


NWA Central StatesHello fans this is Charles Wilcox, the Co-owner of NWA Central-States Championship Wrestling.

Todd Humphrey & myself try to avoid making official statements here online as we believe the less we are seen and heard from the better it is for the business. As no one really wants to hear from the “boss”. This is professional wrestling, not sports entertainment after all. It’s one of our rules.

However for this occasion we both feel like making an exception to the “Never Post” rule.

Since March 30, 2013 NWA CCW has been providing quality Professional Wrestling action in Illinois. We’ve had some incredible events, with “The Chase For Greatness” being perhaps one of the greatest events this area has seen in ages.

It’s been a pleasure hearing from the fans, that our events are far and away the superior events in the area. As one great fan expressed to me, “Every other place feels like a run of mile show. You guys have a real “event” feel to your show”, that has, was & always will be our main goal.

As man of you know, I ran NWA MO for a number of years in the past. Due to personal issues I got totally out of the business for awhile. Mr. Humphrey helped out back then, and his support was one of the main reasons NWA MO was the #1 company for in ring action and the reason we drew upwards of 200-300 people per show.

We had the must see roster. Shane Somers was on his way to TNA & a tour of Japan. The Mad Hatter was on his way to taking over the void Somers would be leaving. Hatter was a good draw for many companies at the time. Gary Jackson was our NWA Missouri State Heavyweight Champion. Delirious, Dingo, Mscheif & Daizee Haze where major crowd favorites. Deven Spade was the NWA MO State T.V. Champion. Rick Norris was fast becoming one of the states top stars. NWA National Champion Ricky Murdoch made numerous title defenses. This is a sample of what NWA MO was all about.

So, when Mr. Humphrey & I started this company after several years of being out of the business, our mission was very simple, to provide you, the fans, with the absolute best in ring product in East St. Louis/Illinois. And, with the feedback we’ve received, its obvious to us that we have done so.

Our internet presence has grown by leaps and bounds. So much so in fact that fans from 1998-2005 have reached out to us. Our hardcore Missouri fan base. Their request was very simple: “Bring the NWA back into Missouri”.

So, it’s with great honor & pride that right here on Facebook and www.nwa-ccw.com, Mr. Humphrey & I announce that we have just taken over the Missouri franchise of the NWA!!

NWA CCW is now both a Missouri/Illinois territory. In the coming days/weeks we will be announcing our first NWA Missouri ran event since 2005. In the coming months we will be crowning a new NWA Missouri State Heavyweight Champion.

NWA CCW is here, and its here to stay!

Thank you for all of your support, and we hope to see you on October 26, 2013 for our return to the Cahokia, Illinois KofC Hall.

God bless.

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