NWA CCW: The Chase For Greatness August 31st

NWA CCW’s: The Chase For Greatness is fast approaching.NWA CSCW 08-31-13

The Main Event will feature Evan “Money” Morri$ chasing his dream as he faces NWA World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion “Iron Man” Rob Conway. In no time in his career has Evan Morri$ been in a bigger match. The 31st of August at the Cahokia, Illinois Knights Of Columbus Hall Morri$ has the chance to attain the greatness he has long sought after.

Garrett Williams, Evans Talent Agent, has done some remarkable things for Mr. Morri$ For better or worse since joining up with Garrett, Evans career has sky rocketed into a new stratosphere. No longer regulated to being considered a “kid” Evan has came into his own as an all around man and champion. He however is a man without honor. Honor he once had. He’s been pegged for greatness since day one, and has just recently been living up to his potential albeit not in the way his fans may have had in mind.

Evan “Money” Morri$ however does have a date with destiny when he faces Rob Conway, the man many are calling the greatest NWA World Champion of the modern NWA era. Never before has Evan faced a man with the credentials of the World Heavyweight Champion.

Rob has made two trips to NJPW and has defended the title successfully on both occasions. Conway was also apart of one of WWE’s most talented tag teams as well (La Resistance). Since becoming NWA World Champion, Conway has faced any and all challengers for his crown. On 08/31/13 he will defend the title against the NWA Central States Heavyweight Wrestling Champion & the greatest pound for pound wrestler in the Central States/Midwest territory in Evan “Money” Morris.

There is only one company that can bring you this match, and its NWA CCW. Other companies would have you believe their champions are “World” champions. But, make no mistake about it, there is only one World Champion, and thats “Iron Man” Rob Conway, the NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT WRESTLING CHAMPION! Get your tickets today for 08/31/13 and come out and see the real deal in World Champions as he faces the great NWA Central States Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, Evan “Money” Morri$!

Get your tickets for “The Chase For Greatness” at:


Knights of Columbus
100 E. Fifth Street
Cahokia, IL. 62206
Phone # : 618-337-1303

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