NWA Carolinas presents Total Impact 2010

NWA Live Pro Wrestling, Great wrestling action suitable for the entire family. Presented by NWA Carolinas Pro Wrestling, Promoted by Eldon Speers Promotions & EWA Promoter George South, Sanctioned by The National Wrestling Alliance. Sponsored by NWA School of Pro Wrestling, General Admission $10 Babies FREE Come out and see all the NWA / EWA Pro Wrestling Superstars. Featuring Double Trouble, #1 George South, The First Ric Converse, Lee Valiant, Ms. Lynn, Ms. Precious, Ms. Jenny, Fuego Demente, Natural Born Playa, ASAP, Dr. X, Jugga, Skitzo, David Phillips, Joey Sartain, Jimmy Jack Funk, BoBo Barzil, and others. Seven great super card matches in all. WWW. NWACAROLINAS.ORG More info call NWA 336-428-4395

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