NWA British Commonwealth Championship RETURNING

There has been discussion about the crowning of a New Champion, the title has been mostly inactive since Adam Pearce defeated former multi-time champion Dru Onyx in North Shore Pro Wrestling in Quebec City, Quebec Canada. Shortly after Pearce captured the championship, in January 2010, Pearce would go on to defeat Blue Demon Jr. and Phil Shatter for his third World Championship Reign. Unfortunately, the title wasn’t defended after that.

The NWA British Commonwealth Championship is one of the most prestigious titles in the National Wrestling Alliance, at time was thought of as the other World Championship, because of its propensity to travel to regions that were formerly associated with the British Empire. England, Wales, Ireland, Canada, the United States, Spain, the Netherlands, France, and Barbados have marked areas where the championship has been defended.

The British Commonwealth Championship has always experienced highs and lows since its inception. In 2004 the battles between Fergal Devit and Dru Onyx highlighted shows in North American and Europe, with the two vying for top billing in the legacy of the crown.  In 2006 the British Commonwealth Championship was the crown jewel for the Santa Monica California based Inoki Dojo, which was a part of NWA Pro.  During that time Karl Anderson and Alex Koslov, would defend the belt against the best in the Area. 
NWA Hammerlock seemingly is looking to bring the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship to the UK in late October, could there be plans to bring the British Commonwealth Championship too?  I’ve heard rumblings that a certain promoter in Quebec is looking to bring the championship back to Quebec.  It should be only a matter of time before the championship reclaims some of its own glory.

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