NWA Brew City presents Fall Frenzy Sept. 17th 2010

In the perfect storm of violence and pain, two destructive paths will touch down on West Allis Wisconsin, this Friday Night at 7:30PM.  Awesome Kong, easily the most feared woman wrestler ever sets her sights on the Brew City Women Champion Stacy Shadows.  Kong strikes fear into most men, let alone any woman she faces.  Stacy Shadows will have more than her work cut out for her if she wishes to remain champion.  And in the Main Event of Brew City’s Fall Frenzy, North American Champion the Sheik will defend his championship against the Sadist.  13 Warriors have felt the defeat of The Sheik, but all he has faced have suffered pain.  The Sheik was even responsible for knocking the NWA World Champion out at the NWA Legends Fan Fest.  And although the Sheik is looking forward to his eventual NWA World Championship match, he still has to stand toe to toe against the man who enjoys pain, the Sadist.  Maybe the only man who will enjoy the pain the Sheik delivers, this match is set to explode, Friday Night in West Allies, Wisconsin.  Be there!

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