NWA Branded Outlaw: Extreme Anniversary 3

02-21-15 NWA BOW

NWA Branded Outlaw Wrestling
Extreme Anniversasry 3
Saturday Feburary 21st 2015 – 7:30PM
Woodlawn Gym
1103 Cincinnati Ave., San Antonio TX 78201

Main Event
Rob Conway vs. James Claxton (BOW Heavyweight Champion)

NWA National Heavyweight Champion Jax Dane vs. Doc Gallows

Dell vs. Charlie Haas

Raymond Rowe vs. Andy Dalton

Carson vs. NWA World Tag Team Champion Lance Hoyt

NWA BOW Tag Team Championship Match
Kings of the Underground vs. Sons of Texas (C)

Barbi Hayden vs. Amber O’Neal

2015 King of the Curisweights Battle Royal

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