NWA Board of Directors Rulling on the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title Match from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Last night’s NWA World Heavyweight Championship match in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada between “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce and Vance Nevada has created considerable buzz in the last twelve hours. Since the end of the match last night, which ended with Nevada pinning Pearce, NWA officials have been dealing with a barrage of phone calls from representatives of both combatants.
Pearce immediately filed a vehement protest of the decision, citing referee incompetence, calling for Nevada’s disqualification and for the title to be returned post-haste. Representatives of Nevada have lobbied for the decision of the referee in charge last night to stand.
Without question there has been a defined and heated controversy as it pertains to the outcome of the bout and without the footage it was impossible to rule on Pearce’s protest. We were finally able to secure the footage this morning.
After a strict and thorough review of the bout, it is clear that the referee was knocked out by Nevada during the tail end of the bout. It is not clear if this action was intentional. Furthermore, Pearce was subsequently physically assaulted by both Mr. Mark Posey and Mr. Massive Damage. There can be no doubt that the actions of both men was deliberate, premeditated, and wholeheartedly disgusting in their execution.
Based on the evidence before the NWA Board of Directors and the statements of the referee, Mr. Nevada, and Mr. Pearce, we have ruled as follows:

Due to the unfortunate but blatant and wholly egregious rules violations in last night’s bout, we have no choice but to rule that Vance Nevada is hereby disqualified from the contest. Therefore, Adam Pearce is declared the winner of the contest, and as a result he retains the championship.
We have issued this written statement to representatives of both men, who as we understand it are in transit to Lloydminster, Alberta for tonight’s events. Possession of the physical championship belt will be returned to Pearce immediately upon their arrival.
This ruling is final and the case is hereby closed.

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