NWA Australian wrestler Jag Hartley Jackson to Zero One Japan

credit: Zero One USA
Australian Professional Wrestler Hartley Jackson will be returning to Japan for ZERO1 in April to participate in the “Yamato Shinshu Chikara Matsuri” at the Yasukuni Shrine on 4/11 and the Hokkaido Tour from 4/13-4/15. Jackson is a 10 year veteran of pro wrestling that has wrestled in Australia, Japan and the USA.
In 2005 he trained at the Inoki Dojo in Southern California and in 2006 traveled to New Japan Pro Wrestling for a tag match in Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall, teaming with Mikey Nicholls against Minoru and Hirooki Goto. In October 2008 Jackson returned to Japan to take part in the “PROWRES EXPO 2008” in Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan
Jackson sent a statement to the ZERO1 offices saying he’s proud to be the 1st Australian wrestler to participate at the Yasukuni Shrine show. He said he wants to show that Australian wrestlers are as good as any in the world, and he hopes that contact with Japan will be greater in the future than it has been. The full card for Yasukuni Shrine and the Hokkaido Tour along with Jackson’s opponents have yet to be named.

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