NWA ALT returns to Gilmer January 25th

NWA ALTJanuary , 25 2014 in Gilmer Texas at the Civic Center , NWA ALT returns for a action pack night . NWA North American champion TokyoMonster Kahagas battles Killer McKenzie , this will be a match you must see , also NWA ALT champion Polish Power Scott Putski defends his title against Modern Day Hero Kevin Douglas . None Bryant makes his debut to NWA ALT , more stars like Sean Cordova , Clayton Brooks , Jimmy Young blood , Ashton Jacobs and many more will be in action . Ringside seats are $12 and general admission is $8 , for more information call 903-263-9369 . Thank you to our loyal fans if you have a friend or family member that is a diehard wrestling fan this will be a experience they will love to see . I hope everyone has a safe Christmas and a Happy New Year .

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