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It should be noted that these awards are independent of the National Wrestling Alliance and are not sanctioned by the NWA in any way. However as we have spent the last 52 weeks discussing via The Alliance Blog Podcasting Network and throughout Social Media, we feel these awards represent the National Wrestling Alliance to its fullest.

Male Wrestler of the Year

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion: Tyrus

In a year that ended in turmoil for the National Wrestling Alliance, you cannot deny the accomplishments of Tyrus in 2022. Tyrus won the NWA Television Championship on August 6th, 2021, by defeating Da Pope. But in 2022, Tyrus remained undefeated as champion. Besting the likes of Mims at Alwayz Ready and Odinson and later Mims on episodes of POWERRR. Tyrus would spend a few weeks scouting a worthy opponent by introducing the Body Slam Challenge, in that if anyone could slam him, they would earn a TV Title shot. Mim’s would eventually slam him. In Tag Team matches he would remain undefeated as well, both inside and outside of the NWA. Tyrus lost his first NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match against Trevor Murdoch at the NWA 74th Anniversary. He would rebound by surrendering the TV title to cash in a title match at Hard Times 3. That is where he would defeat Murdoch and Matt Cardona to become Champion.

Female Wrestler of the Year

NWA Woman’s World Champion: Kamille

You simply cannot deny what Kamille has done ever since becoming the NWA Worlds Women’s Champion. 16 defenses last year in and out of the NWA. She defeated the likes of Taryn Terrell, Shalonce royal, Chelsea Green, Allie Katch, Kenzie Paige, KiLynn King, Laynie Luck, Rachel Ellering, Taya Valkyrie, Max The Impaler, and Allysin Kay. She took the title abroad defending in the UK. She represented the NWA in Mexico against Taya in a AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. She has the distinction of defending her championship in ten different states in 2022.

Tag Team of the Year

NWA World Tag Team Champions: La Rebelion

La Rebelion spent most of the year as NWA World Tag Team Champions. All the while, splitting time wrestling in the United States for the NWA as well as competing in Mexico for The Crash and AAA. They would reach the semi-finals of the Crockett Cup, only to lose to Doug Williams and Harry Smith. They would successfully defend the NWA World Tag Team Championships in 2022 against; The End, The Briscoes, Aero Star & Drago, Edgar Garze & Pac Ortega, and Eoydemius & Epydemius Jr. La Rebelion would go on to lose the World Tag Team Championships to Williams and Smith but would regain the title at the 74th Anniversary Show when Smith was unable to compete. Mecha Wolf and Bestia 666 would defeat Hawx Aerie to become two-time champions. They would defeat Hawx Aerie again at Hard Times 3 to retain their championship titles.

Most Improve Wrestler of the Year

NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Kerry Morton

They call him a “Future Legend” son of the multi-time NWA World Tag Team Champion and former World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Ricky Morton. Kerry might have the least amount of in-ring experience amongst his contemporaries but has really taken to the ring. Kerry spent most of the year in feuds with his father against Colby Corino and the Fixers. His feud with Homicide would lead to him winning the Junior Heavyweight Championship at Hard Times 3. Since winning the championship he’s already defended against Colby Corino and outside of the NWA Brian Pillman Jr. Kerry has seemingly found his path and it appear the skies the limit in 2023.

Manager of the Year

Austin Idol

There is no manager as highly decorated in the NWA as Austin Idol. Back in 2017 he managed Nick Aldis to his first run with the Ten Pounds of Gold. And in 2021, he was able to assemble Idol Mania Sports Management in the NWA. And although the group was treated as an afterthought in 2021, even with Tyrus as TV Champion, Idol would lead his “son” Cyon to the NWA National Championship at the NWA 74th Anniversary Show. He would later lead Jordan Clearwater to his first championship reign in the NWA. All the while directing Tyrus toward the Worlds Heavyweight Championship. You cannot argue with results, Idolmania Sports Management has three NWA Championships, no other manager can say that.

Announcer of the Year

Joe Galli

He’s the lead commentator on both POWERRR and USA and for every NWA Pay-Per-View, Joe Galli asks the tough questions and calls the action. His energy on the microphone can infectious and he’ll see you next Tuesday.

Faction of the Year

Idolmania Sports Management

In conjunction with Churches Money, there has never been as dominant stable in the Lightning One Era of the NWA. With possession of the Television Championship (Clearwater), the National Championship (Cyon), and the Worlds Heavyweight Championship (Tyrus), Idolmania Sports Management has become somewhat of a murder’s row for the NWA. With BLK Jeez setting his sights on the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship, who or what can stop them?

What did you think of the 2022 Year End Awards? Who would you have voted for?

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