TNA Wrestling: Phenomenal – The Best of AJ Styles, Vol. 24.0 out of 5 stars

AJ Styles is one of TNA’s major breakthough stars and homegrown acts. His high flyin’ style along with actual ground wrestling that he’s underrated for by most has made him simply “Phenomenal” by fans of TNA. This DVD in my opinion heavily makes up for his first one since unlike his first DVD, these matches aren’t full of non-stop interfearence or involve A.J. being a heel & toning down his style so he doesn’t get cheered. This DVD allows him to showcase his full ability in the ring. Along with matches comes a biography on AJ breaking into the business & his life growing up.

Lockdown 2005: AJ Styles vs. Abyss – This match is just awesome. It’s not really a bloody massacre but a great storytelling of “the big unstoppable monster vs. the little guy who never gives up.” The door slamming into AJ’s face is vicious.

(Also available on Best Of The Bloodiest Brawls)

Hard Justice 2005: vs. NWA Champion Jeff Jarrett – It was made out to be that AJ was the only man who could stop the unbeatable Jarrett & win the NWA Title from him. Jarrett brought his A game here & delievered a good performance here with referee Tito Ortiz playing a role here as well.

Unbreakable 2005: vs. X Division Champion Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe – This was the only time the X division title main evented a PPV and you could see why. These three put on a wrestling clinic in their time as this was the best wrestling match of that year.

(Also available on Unstoppable: Best Of Samoa Joe)

Impact: vs. Roderick Strong – This is just significant as being the first match on Impact’s debut on Spike TV. Besides that, nothing really special past your normal Impact match between the two.

Genesis 2005 vs. Petey Williams – This match heavily makes up for their match a year earlier between the two at Victory Road as Petey delievers a strong performance while AJ once against brings his A game. Another good showcase of the x division.

Impact: vs. Chris Sabin – This as a better than average match for Impact that did a good job showcasing both men in a short amount of time.

(Also available on Best Of The X Division Vol. 2)

Slammiversary 2006: w/Christopher Daniels vs. NWA Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted – This was the match of that night as Styles & Daniels knew each other so well that he made a credible tag team while AMW are just the best in the business today. Plus that “Chyna-like” woman who showed up for Gail Kim was also a nice added bonus.

Hard Justice 2006: w/Christopher Daniels vs. LAX – This was the match that put LAX back on the map as being a legit tag team after going through that James Gang storyline earlier in the year. AJ & Daniels were actually jelling as a legit tag team while LAX made the best of their opportunity with Homocide having the “X division” & Hernandez being the “powerman” of the group. This was the first in their series of matches & a good tag team match.

No Surrender 2006: Ultimate X Match w/Christopher Daniels vs. NWA Tag Team Champions LAX – This was the match TNA fans voted as the match of the year & you can understand why after seeing it. There was alot of unique spots & different ways of trying to get the belts (ala Homocide getting a ladder) that which made this Ultimate X standout above the others. Also, I have to get props to Hernandez because for him being the big muscle man, this didn’t have a problem adapting to a match that is strictly for “smaller” wrestlers.

Impact: vs. X Division Champion Chris Sabin – Boy the difference a year makes as Sabin is in full heel mode here. Again, another good match for Impact as AJ ends up winning the title.

Bonus: vs. Ron Killings from NWA Wildside in 2000 – Just an average match put on here to showcase AJ in the beginning of his career.

I know that most of these matches have been released on other DVDs, a majority of them were PPV DVD’s that you could only get thought the TNA website & not though national retail stores & with TNA only having an hour, it’s understandable that his best performances would be on PPV. If you aren’t a heavy collector of TNA PPV’s on DVD then I recommend but otherwise, there isn’t enough on here for you to pay for matches you already have & I would pass.

Original posted on Amazon on April 11th 2007

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