Notes from this week’s episode of “Supreme Wrestling: Last Word”

In this week’s episode of “Supreme Wrestling: Last Word,” it is clear that the Supreme Wrestling universe is witnessing a changing of the guard. In the beginning of the video, we see Van Martigan and Darrin O’Neal discussing the next phase of EPIC’s plans to take over Supreme Wrestling. While acknowledging Nic Noble’s opportunity to become the top guy of company, Van also mentions the Mid-America Tag Team Championships and how they can be the next prize for EPIC to go after.

After this segment, we see the apparent face turn of Aaron Abbott. Aaron makes it clear that he feels like his mentor, Eric Draven, has not put him in the best positions to succeed. As most old-school coaches and mentors do, Draven feels that Aaron should be ready for any opponent at any time. What ensues next could be described as hilarity, as Aaron has now earned a precious opportunity and does not seem to be interested in following Custom Made’s way of doing things for much longer.

Next, we see the aforementioned Supreme Heavyweight Championship match that Nic Noble has been given against Yukon Mike. Yukon Mike is a well known and respected athlete in the Indiana area, and has had one of the most dominant Supreme Championship reigns of all time. Something tells me that Nic Noble realized that well beforehand and was prepared for anything before the opening bell rang for this contest.

Without spoiling any results. This episode was all for the furthering of EPIC’s rise to dominance. From beginning to end, every moment of this episode of “Last Word” involved a member of EPIC staking their claim to a higher level of competition and somebody else’s gold. I, personally, am enjoying the building of a new and dominant stable in this era of professional wrestling. Without dropping names, the current hot trend within pro wrestling is to find some elite guys to watch your back when you have beef with somebody.

That being said, EPIC doesn’t need to fear anybody. In fact, Supreme Wrestling needs to have all its hands on deck to make sure that EPIC doesn’t achieve Darrin O’Neal’s goal of winning every major title that the promotion has to offer. If a duo from EPIC is able to defeat Eric Draven and Rob Royale for the Mid-America Tag Team Championships, the owner of Supreme Wrestling, Jeremy Bevins, will not have any kind of leg to stand on against EPIC.

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