Notes about the Supreme Wrestling Mid-America Tag Team Championship Division

At last night’s “Game Over” event, both of the current Mid-America Tag Team Champions competed in singles matches. As reported, “Superbeast” Rob Royale won his match against Aaron Abbott, while Eric Draven lost his match against Leon Elliott.

EPIC, which contains 2 of the last 4 Tag Team Championship duos, won a match last night that involved former Mid-America Tag Champions, Big ‘N Tasty. When asked about how this victory can affect the stable’s standings in the Supreme Wrestling Tag Team division, EPIC’s “spiritual advisor,” Darrin O’Neal, said that “EPIC is always close to [a] Mid-America Tag Team Championship rematch[.] [It’s] called a rematch clause.”

There is no official word when EPIC will receive their contractually obligated rematch for the championships.

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