Join DKM, Jaden, and Tim as they discuss all the news and info for the NWA.

Will the new crop of free agents touchdown with the NWA? With rumors of the financial instability of AEW & the report from Wrestlenomics, will this make it easier for the NWA to get talent that, who in the past, would normally be a lock-in for AEW? Tim, Jaden, and DKM will discuss the pros and cons of these rumors.

WWE talent that was released back in September, will be available to sign with wrestling promotions or do independent wrestling events after December 21st. -Mustafa Ali -Dabba Kato -Top Dolla -Yulissa Leon -Dana Brooke -Elias -Aliyah -Shanky -Riddick Moss -Emma -Rick Boogz -Mace -Mansoor -Dolph Ziggler -Shelton Benjamin -Quincy Elliot, are any of these talents bound to show up at Paranoia?

And the Guys will discuss the upcoming NWA Ultimate Match of Death between The OVERMAN and the Death Match King.

Plus we’ll make fun of Jay!

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The Alliance Guys Podcast has entered its 15th year, spotlighting the talents affiliated with the NWA and the United Wrestling Network. Breaking down the news and information for the NWA and the UWN; Jay Cal DKM, Jaden, and former World Jr. Heavyweight Champion

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