Nick Aldis and the NWA Part Ways | NWA News

As per reported by Pro Wrestling Insider, former two-time Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis has given his notice to the NWA. Aldis played a pivotal role in the “re-launch” of the National Wrestling Alliance under the ownership of Billy Corgan. The NWA Office responded by “suspending” Nick Aldis from this weekend’s Hard Times 3 Pay-Per-View and Revolution Rumble; television taping.

Aldis’ introduction to the National Wrestling Alliance and his pursuit of Tim Storm’s Ten Pounds of Gold is what ignited the NWA under Billy Corgan’s vision. Aldis would challenge Tim Storm at a Championship Wrestling from Hollywood taping on September 24th, 2017. The two would clash over the title twice, before ultimately Aldis would win the Championship on December 9th, 2017.

Nick Aldis as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion drove the promotion in its early years taking the Ten Pounds of Gold to China (through Championship Wrestling from Hollywood) to Australia (through House of Hardcore) and through various promotions in the United Kingdom as well as across the United States. Aldis famously lost to Cody Rhodes at All In, which many believed to be the match of the night. Aldis would go on to regain the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at the NWA 70th Anniversary.

Tension struck the NWA earlier this year when Matt Cardona won the Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Aldis stepped forward as a challenger to face Cardona at the Crockett Cup but lost. Aldis would win a series of qualifying matches to face Cardona at the Crockett Cup, only to have Billy Corgan remove his standing as #1 Contender. There was discord between Corgan and Aldis that would appear on The Busted Open Radio Show as well as on Twitter. Things seemed to mellow out until Aldis’ most recent announcement.

The story advanced even further today when Nick Aldis himself tweeted he was removed from his bookings this weekend in New Orleans. “Also, fans in NOLA: Sorry to disappoint but I was removed from the shows this weekend after giving my notice. I fully intended to fulfill my obligations to the audience but unfortunately, the company doesn’t seem to share the same values.” Aldis also mentions there were other factors in his decision-making process. He pointed out on Twitter, that Billy’s recent interview with regard to women’s wrestling factored into his decision.

If this is truly the end for Aldis in the NWA, the National Treasure will have forged a Hall of Fame career in the five years he was with the company. Holding the Ten Pounds of Gold twice with the second reign lasting well over one thousand days. Aldis will forever be synonymous with the NWA. His accolades are what helped to relaunch the NWA.

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