News regarding the NWA in Canada for WFX

Season 2, will begin production in the Spring of 2011, and there will be a bit of a new flavor to the programming.  Including some Mexican luchadors, some additional new faces, and sadly some key players will be missing.  WFX Management is said to be extremely high on ECCW’s top guy Scotty Mac from British Columbia, and given the NWA connections to WFX, one has to wonder if a “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce vs. Scotty Mac NWA World Title defense might not be in the cards.

Adam Pearce sent a statement to the management of WFX Wrestling last year when he proudly defended the NWA Worlds Championship against Wavell Starr.  “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce defended the NWA Worlds Championship twice in Canada, but none against wrestlers in the NWA Canadian member ECCW.  No doubt WFX is looking to improve their brand with help from the National Wrestling Alliance, including the NWA Canadian Champion Scotty Mac.  I for one look for this match-up in the New Year.

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