New ZERO1 Heavyweight Champion The Sheik

The Sheik is the new ZERO1 Heavyweight Champion.

ZERO1 “King of Destuction 7th Special Memorial Show ~ Wrestler’s”, 7/3/2011 (Sun) 12:00 @ Korakuen Hall

(1) Shito Ueda, Kenta Kakinuma & Yoshikazu Yokoyama vs. Mineo Fujita, Yasaku Obata & G. Kidd
Winner: Kakinuma (9:50) with a German Suplex Hold on Kidd.

(2) NWA Light Heavyweight Tag Team Contendership Match: Ikuto Hidaka & Takafumi Ito [Pancrase-ism] vs. Munenori Sawa [BattlARTS] & Fujita “Jr” Hayato [Michinoku/Kowloon]
Winner: Ito (11:54) with a Choke Hold on Sawa.

(3) International Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: [Champion] Takuya Sugawara vs. Frank David [Ireland]
Winner: Sugawara (13:12) following the Shisanputa.
~ Second Successful Defense.
~ following the match Ikuto Hidaka challenged Sugawara, but Sugawara accepted on the terms that SUWA will be the referee. Though this time SUWA will not be in complete control as Sasazaki said he will serve as the sub-referee in the match to make sure Sugawara doesn’t rely on his dirt tactics to retain. Sasazki raised Sugawara’s hand as the victor, but then Sugawara tried a cheap attack on the Sasazki. Sasazaki ducked the move, but was then met with a low blow (knee) as Sugawara then rolled out of the ring and had a smurk on his face as he left.

(4) NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Championship Match: [Champions] Kohei Sato & KAMIKAZE vs. Steve Corino & Atsushi Sawada [IGF]
Winner: KAMIKAZE (11:38) with a Ground Octopus Hold on Corino.

(5) AWA World & NWA World Championship Match: [AWA World Champion] Ryouji Sai vs. [NWA World Champion] The Sheik
[Special Referee: Kyohei Wada]
Winner: The Sheik (13:21) with a Camel Clutch which led to the referee stopping the match.
~ The Sheik is now the AWA and NWA Heavyweight Champion.

(6) Shinya Hashimoto “Destruction King” Memorial Tag Match: Shinjiro Ohtani & Masato Tanaka vs. Akebono & Daisuke Sekimoto [BJW]
Winner: Ohtani (16:12) with a Dragon Suplex Hold on Sekimoto.

(7) Shinya Hashimoto “Destruction King” Memorial Match: Daichi Hashimoto vs. Yoshihiro Takayama

Winner: Takayama (11:04) following a Running Knee Lift.
~ Daichi said after the matches that he is disappointed with the loss, but said he was fighting with his father in him. “I want to get stronger. Everyday I will practice, I hope to get stronger. I want to fight with my father in me, and do him proud. Daichi then thanked the fans that showed up today.”

All the names have been announced for the Fire Festival 2011.
Tournament runs from July 24th to August 7th.
Block A
~ Shinjiro Ohtani
~ Kohei Sato
~ Akebono
~ Zeus [Osaka Pro]
~ Kenta Kakinuma [FF Debut]
Block B
~ Masato Tanaka
~ Ryouji Sai
~ Daisuke Sekimoto [BJW]
~ Fujita “Jr” Hayato [Michinoku/Kowloon]
~ Atsushi Sawada [IGF/NWA Heritage Champion]

Courtesy of PuroresuSpirit

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