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For decades, the NWA has been synonymous with history, tradition, and respect. St Louis Missouri is the spiritual home of the National Wrestling Alliance. Lou Thesz, Pat O’Connor, Gene Kiniski, Harley Race, and Ric Flair are the five men who have won the Worlds title in Missouri. And tonight, you can add Trevor Murdoch to that list. Murdoch is your new NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

The National Treasure

Nick Aldis has spent the better part of four years as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. After a sabbatical from pro-wrestling after his departure from Impact Wrestling, Aldis came to the NWA with one mission to become the Worlds Heavyweight Champion. He reached his mountain top in Sewel, New Jersey when he forced Tim Storm to submit. Aldis would defend the Ten Pounds of Gold 27 times in 13 different states, 4 different countries, on 4 different continents in a span of 266 days. Arguably one of the best Worlds Champions of the Modern Era. Aldis quickly regained the title by defeated Cody at the NWA 70th Anniversary Show. Aldis continued to showcase his championship against challengers from across the world, having held the title for 1044 days.

Harley’s First Student

Trevor Murdoch started his career under the tutelage of the eight-time Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Harley Race. Murdoch would wrestle most of his early matches in Kansas and Missouri with Harley’s World Legion Wrestling. After five years of his time at WLW and working dates for Pro Wrestling NOAH representing Harley, Murdoch would sign with the WWE.

After his run in the WWE, Murdoch would return to the NWA in 2008 appearing on events promoted by David Marquez in British Columbia and NWA Showcase Television Tapings. He would split time in WLW and local independents, including NWA promotions. Murdoch would be celebrated on his debut of NWA POWERRR. He appeared on the first set of NWA POWERRR tapings. He defeated the late Jocephus and lost to Ricky Starks. Murdoch’s trajectory changed when he squared off against Nick Aldis. After that match, it seemed Murdoch was rejuvenated.

The Feud

The rivalry between Murdoch and Aldis stemmed from a difference in Philosophy. Murdoch and Aldis both spent time under Harley’s learning tree. But both men had embodied different parts of Race. Aldis being shrewd and clever. Murdoch being double tough and unforgiving. This different opinion made Murdoch a threat to Aldis and his championship reign. And Aldis stopped at nothing to keep this match from happening. Murdoch was declared the loser by disqualification when the two faced off at “When Our Shadows Fall.” Murdoch lost in the center of the ring at the Gathering Festival in Charlotte. It would take a victory in the Champion Series on NWA POWERRR for Murdoch to get this re-match. He even put his career on the line for this match. And after five long months and nearly 20 episodes of NWA POWERRR, Murdoch is your new, NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. Adding his name to the list of Thesz, O’Connor, Kiniski, his mentor Race, and Flair.

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