New World Women’s Champion is a Brickhouse | NWA News

On June 6th, 2021 in Atlanta Georgia, Kamille reached her mountain top with a devastating spear. Tackling Serena Deeb, Kamille put an exclamation point on the end of Deeb’s 228 days as champion. Kamille is your new NWA World Women’s Champion.

Kamille’s Path to the Burke

For most of Kamille’s time with the National Wrestling Alliance she was an insurance policy. Her role with the company was to have Nick Aldis’ back. To protect him from outside involvement. Or in the rare case, to lend a hand in securing an advantage. Kamille was a silent, but deadly bodyguard for the Champion. But she didn’t actually step into the ring for the NWA until January 2020.

Kamille had trained with The 3D Wrestling Academy before joining the NWA. Looking to gain an edge the former college athlete participated in the Legends Football League. Kamille found new opportunities in the NWA. Making her debut in a dark match against Selina Rose that ended shortly. With victories over Heather Monroe, Cece Chanel, her cause becoming undeniable. At Back for the Attack, she defeated Thunder Rosa to become Number One Contender to The Burke. During this season of POWERRR, she’d solidify her claim by defeating Alex Gracia, Jennacide, and Thunder Rosa. Her last match with Rosa ended in a time-limit draw. Although never defeated, Rosa put a blemish on Kamille’s win-loss record.

Serena Deeb’s Time On Top of the World

Last year Serena Deeb was one of the former WWE trainers to be laid off in the middle of a global pandemic. Deeb who hadn’t wrestled in a few years was signed by AEW and lit the world on fire. Her debut match was against the former NWA Champion Thunder Rosa. The two would face off for a second time at Prime Time LIVE. When the title was on the line, Deeb became Champion. After a series of successful defenses in All Elite Wrestling, Deeb was gearing up for her debut in the NWA, when she was injured. Once she cleared to return, Deeb went about her winning ways leading up to When Our Shadows Fall. Interestingly enough, this was Deeb’s first match in an NWA ring.

What Lies Ahead for Kamille

Now that, Kamille is your new NWA World Women’s Champion she will have an ever growing list of threats to her championship. Thunder Rosa still craves the Burke. Jennacide victorious in her last bout had a great match on POWERRR against the Brickhouse. The NWA has recently signed on new talents like Kiley Rae, who once established could be a threat to the champion. On this weeks episode of 30 POWERRR we know there will be a celebration for the World Women’s Champion.

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