New Wave Pro Wrestling: Jay “The Tank” Oleander is your New Wave Pro Champion

Att: New Wave Pro Wrestling Jay Oleander
From: Board of Directors
New Wave Pro Productions LLC

The actions that took place Saturday March 3rd 2018 can`t be reversed. Jay “Tank” Oleander is your standing New Wave Pro Champion, Now how the decision was made is what brought the New Wave Pro Productions Board of Directors to an emergency Meeting.

Jason Levi never had the power to make a Championship match, let alone Chris Abel did agree to such and the bell was rung, Chris inserted himself where it wasnt needed. Chris decided to pull out the referee to insure Mr Levi would stay NWP Champion, Mikey`s actions when he came out to restart the match was uncalled for as it was a “Self” decision and wasnt not talked over with the directors.
Chris Abel was indeed fined an “Undisclosed” amount due to him attacking official Joseph Williams. Mikey was repremanded for his actions in and outside of the ring that night, hence the envelop that Mr. Abel was giving at the end of the night. The actions that took place Saturday night has the board set to conclusion that BOTH Chris Abel & Mikey Guess will be relinqushed of their “Authority” Power as of April 8th 2018 during New Wave Pro Live Events.

as of 12:00am Sunday April 9th 2018 New Wave Pro Board of directors will indeed announce the signing of a NEW New Wave Pro General Manager for live events.

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