New United Tag Team Champions: Cold Cold War

Cold Cold War

United Wrestling Network Executive, David Marquez, officially retired the Hollywood Heritage Tag Team Champions yesterday during the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Television Taping in Pt. Huneme, California. Previous tag team champions included: Brian Cage and Shaun Ricker (Natural Selection), Johnny Yuma and Kevin Martenson (the RockNES Monsters), Hawaiian Lion and Navajo Warrior (The Tribe), Rico Dynamite and Tito Escondido (Los Banditos), Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas (PPRay), Joey Ryan and Ryan Taylor (Vermin) and the last champions being Gulak and Thatcher. In the five plus years the tag titles were active they were featured on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood as well as defended all across Southern California, Arizona, and Mexico (Baja California).

The final CWFH Heritage Champions were awarded the United Tag Team Titles. However in a match with Cold Cold War with Caesar Black surrounded in controversy, Gulak and Thatcher subsequently lost the titles. Titles will surely be on the line come January 10th when Championship Wrestling from Hollywood returns to the Oceanview Pavilion for the first television taping of



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