New NWA World Welterweight Champion: Cassandro

photo courtesy of @CassandroLucha

 Following a cease and desist orders from the Executive Director of the National Wrestling Alliance, along with NWA Mexico President Blue Demon Jr., CMLL (a former NWA Member) finally sealed the legacy of the NWA World Lightweight, NWA World Welterweight and NWA Middleweight Championships, until this weekend. 
A new NWA World Welterweight Champion has been crowned Saturday Afternoon at the NWA Mexico events in the UK.  Cassandro the Exotico defeated Dr. Cerebo to become the first World Welterweight Champion since NWA reclaimed those titles.  NWA Mexican Lightweight Champion Skayde and NWA Mexican Welterweight Champion Turbo were both competing on the cards.
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