New NWA World Heavyweight Champion – Jax Dane

Jax TitleOn August 29, 2015 in San Antonio , Texas GODZILLA JAX DANE defeated New Japan Pro Wrestling Star HIROYOSHI TENZAN in a hard-fought match to become the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

TENZAN had held the World Title since February 14, 2015 when he defeated IRONMAN ROB CONWAY in Sendai , Japan .

DANE has been on a meteoric rise in the wrestling world having successfully toured Japan on several occasions, and previously defeating TENZAN in a singles match from Taipei , Taiwan televised worldwide by NJPW.

Most recently DANE defeated TIM STORM in a very high-profile bout in Las Vegas , Nevada to become the first-ever Unified NWA North American / National Heavyweight in wrestling history.

Challengers are already lining up to face the new World Champion – and we congratulate GODZILLA JAX DANE on a very tough win against a great warrior and world class athlete.

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