New NWA Video on YouTube

The NWA YouTube Page broke it’s 75 days of hiatus by producing a new video on it’s YouTube Channel today. This marks the first time since the departure of former NWA Vice President David Lagana, that the NWA has created content for the page.

After a rather long hiatus, the National Wrestling Alliance presented a new production to it’s YouTube channel, NWA 5 On It: The Most Shocking Moments of NWA POWERRR. This walk through memory lane, highlighted a lot of shocking moments. But more importantly, it was new content created by the NWA.

The NWA YouTube Page has been silent for 75 days following the Inside the NWA: The Mount Rushmore of the National Wrestling Alliance. The following day it was announced that the Vice President of the NWA would step down. The month of January the YouTube Channel had over 2.1 million views. However, those numbers decreased by more than half in February. The numbers would drop significantly when the NWA were unable to air new POWERRR matches due to Covid-19. By May, with the creation of Carnyland the numbers would start growing to reach over six hundred thousand. But with no new content creation the number soon dropped even further. The month of July only saw only 185,973 views.

With the new partnership between the United Wrestling Network and Thunder Rosa defending the Woman’s Championship at All Elite Wrestling, it appears that the NWA has gotten back to production mode. David Marquez had previously stated that this project would afford the opportunity to NWA to create content exclusive to the NWA with the Television Tapings.

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