New NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion!

Chad Thomas redeemed himself by defeating NWA Texas Champ Ben Galvan at the NWA Southwest – PWF Wrestleplex.  Both men beaten and bloody, faced off in what was somewhat of a rematch to fill the NWA Texas Title vacancy after Kevin Northcutt missed a defense due to injury.  Thomas didn’t just sign a contract to face Galvan.  He had to go through to big men, Lance Cade and NWA Oklahoma Heavyweight Champion Dane Griffin.  
“I said I would, and I did,” said Thomas. ” This belt is the pinnacle of my career to date and winning it in Amarillo makes it even more special. Galvan was a great champion and one of the most physical wrestlers I have ever faced but there was no way he comes to my house and keeps that belt.”
NWA Southwest Commissioner Ken  Taylor after the Triple Threat match in Whitesboro, announced he felt Cade was treated unfairly in that match and would face the winner of Galvan and Thomas.  Thomas won the Texas title, but he’ll be facing The Roughneck Lance Cade for the Lucha Americana International Show on on July 18th in Brownsville.  There is no love loss between Cade and Thomas.  That can be heard when I interviewed Lance Cade for Alliance Radio.  You can hear it by clicking on this link, Lance Cade returns to the NWA

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