New NWA promotion in Perth, Australia.


All Action Wrestling Australia joins the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance)

All Action Wrestling from Perth Western Australia is proud to announce that as of November 23rd 2013, they will join forces
with the most historically successful and prestigious professional wrestling
organisation in history; the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). As part of AAW’s mission to revive the mainstream popularity of professional wrestling, they
have joined forces with the only company to have previously achieved continued success worldwide.

In October 1964 Jim Barnett and John Doyle opened NWA ‘World Championship Wrestling’ Australia. They created a circuit
offering wrestling somewhere every day of the week, and where operating in conjunction with owners of Stadiums Ltd.
(Richard Lean), a promotional group that owned many Australian sports facilities, including Perry Lakes in Perth, Sydney
Stadium and Festival Hall in Melbourne, as well as weekly programs across the
National Television Network, TCN-9 in Sydney and GTV-9 in Melbourne. The duo achieved great success over nine years, drawing crowds of 2-9 thousand on a
weekly basis, before returning to the United States.

On November 23rd NWA AAW will present SuperClash. AAW’s crowning as the head of the NWA in Australia and a new beginning in the relationship between Australia and the NWA. This huge show
will see the finals of the AAW Tag Team Championship Tournament, and will feature former WWE Superstars Paul London, Brian Kendrick AND ‘Hardcore’
Bob Holly.

To see what ground breaking changes to the landscape of Australian wrestling will
take place, and all the latest updates on this huge show, keep your eyes on AAW Perth’s Facebook, twitter and YouTube
channel. AAW is proud to become a part of the international family that is the NWA and forge its way into its glorious future.

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