New NWA Pan-Pacific Championship

Courtesy of Fred Rubenstein

 In celebration of the ZERO1’s 10th Anniversary and their re-affiliation with the National Wrestling Association, the NWA has bestowed on ZERO1 a new title belt. The the title is called the NWA Pan-Pacific Premium Heavyweight title. NWA Referee Fred Rubenstein presented the title to the ZERO1 offices during his trip.
“Congratulation to ZERO1 on their 10th Anniversary. As a special gift the NWA confers the NWA NWA Pan-Pacific Premium Heavyweight title to the care of ZERO1. I expect ZERO1 and the professional wrestling of Japan to play a key role in establishing this title so it can be carried by more NWA members in the future.”
ZERO1 will confer with the NWA Australian representatives as to the best way to crown a new champion.

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