New NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion

received_10212950360058292The fans in Tullahoma Tennessee filled the Gypsy Joey Arena looking for a fight.  And Saxon and Andrews gave it to them.  The match was hosted by SWF for NWA SAW and in a night where Andrews and Saxon couldn’t find a way to walk out of the decisive NWA World Junior Heayvweight Champion.

The parallels of the careers of former champion John Saxon and new champion Arrick Andrews are eerily similar. Both men having held the NWA National Heavyweight Championship and both men holding the NWA Southern Tag Titles (Saxon with Northcutt and Andrews with Derek Neal). Lately it had seemed that Andrews was more than happy to stick it to former National Champion Damien Wayne.

After last night the two squared off in a rematch in Dyserberg Tennessee for NWA Mid South and Andrews walked out as the new champion.  Saxon has had quite the pedigree over the years. One can only assume he’ll be petitioning the NWA Championship committee for a rematch against the Dragon.

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