New Number 1 contender to the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship

In a weekend where NWA National Champion Phil Shatter has his 12th successful defense against Caprice Coleman and Mike Posey successfully defended his NWA Tennessee Jr. championhip against Corey Hollis, The NWA in Charlotte had another defying moment in their first offering, crowning a new Number One Contender to Mike Quackenbush’s World Jr. Heavyweight Championship.
Quackenbush first won the title in controversial fashion when he took liberties with the mask of New Japan wrestler, Tiger Mask IV.  Quack defeated the former champion, who prior to this event had faced the likes of Jason Dukes, Low-Ki, and Black Tiger Mask IV.  Since winning the crown, Lightning Mike has had defenses in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada, Georgia, and Italy.  Mike Quackenbush has held the title for nearly 3 years.  He has a schedule title defense against former champion Tony Kozina for NWA Michigan on Feb. 20th.
This won’t be Sal’s first shot at Mike Quackenbush.  Back in October, Rinauro had a shot at the title in the Quackenbush-friendly Chikara Pro.  Championships are not an unfamiliar concept to Rinauro.  With tag team championships in ROH, NWA Anarchy, Deep South Wrestling and Full Impact Pro.  Rinauro has also held a handful of singles championships including a Jr. Heavyweight Championships in NWA Wildside.  In a NWA ring, could Rinauro defeat the man who’s held the belt for nearly three years?  What do you think?  Leave a comment below. 

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