New National Champion: Crusher Hansen

(credit of this report goes to Impact Wrestling)

After months of being attacked, called out, and threatened, Pepper Parks was set to defend his NWA National Heavyweight Title against his tormentor, Crusher Hansen. Before the match, Hansen’s manager and; NWA East ring announcer BC Steele announced the match as a 2 out of 3 falls match, old-school NWA style. Parks quickly picked up the win with a Pepper Shaker. But Steele helped Hansen win the second fall with a steel chain after Hansen accidentally took out referee Tom Dunn. In the final fall, Parks went for the Pepper Shaker again but Crusher caught him coming off the top and delivered a Crusher Slam, winning the NWA National Title and picking up possibly the biggest win of his storied career.

Crusher Hansen has been a main stay in the NWA East(PWX/AWC)promotion. Crusher has previously held the NWA East’s Heavyweight Title and the NWA East’s Three River’s Title.

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