New Matches added to LVL Up: U.N.I.T.Y. Live Event | LVL UP News

Level Up Pro Wrestling added more Matches to their next Live Event U.N.I.T.Y. (March 4, 2023 from San Diego, CA).

B-Boy attacked Fabrizio after their LVL UP Tag Team Championships Match and will helf a Open Challenge at LVL UP: U.N.I.T.Y! Rumors has it that the rising star Zara Zakher will accept the challenge!

Danny Divine returns to Level Up Pro Wrestling to face former LVL UP Champion J2 Mattioli.

Former MPW Champion Barbie Boi will face Coach Mack Wilkes at U.N.I.T.Y!

A allstar Scramble Match has been announced! Brendan Divine vs. Jeremiah Fresh vs. Jeff Roth vs. Cameron August vs. Fatal vs. Joey Hustle!

24K will face the established Holy Storm at LVL UP: U.N.I.T.Y.! Who can get closer to a LVL Up Tag Team Championship Match?

The Block will face the luchador team of Bamboo & Flama. Can The Block co-exist after having some troubles inside the Team?

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