New Matches added to LVL UP Critical Beatdown | LVL UP News

We are few weeks away from Level Up Pro Wrestling next Live Event: Critical Beatdown on October 1, 2022. Level Up Pro Wrestling announced some new Matches for the next Live Event.

Both teams were unsuccessful to become Level Up Tag Team Champions at the LVL UP: 4th Anniversary Show but both teams clashed in the Battle Royal. Now at LVL UP: Critical Beatdown High Fantasy & The Block will face each other in a traditional Tag Team Match. Who’ll get closer to a Tag Team Championship Match?

At LVL UP: Raise Up Mike Camden defeated Jeff Roth and that doesn’t sit well with the former MPW Tag Team Champion. After The Enterprise lost a match against Los Otros at Level Up Showcase, Jeff Roth called out Mike Camden after what happend at LVL UP: Raise Up. Now the Tag Match between The Enterprise and Mike Camden & Tommy Wilson is official for LVL UP: Critical Beatdown!

As mentioned Los Otros defeated The Enterprise at a Level Up Showcase Episode and earned themselves a LVL UP Tag Team Championship against The Shady Boyz. The Shady Boyz are on cloud 9 after their successful title defense against Brothers Divine at Beers Burgers Bateman. Can Los Otros become the 2nd LVL UP Tag Team Champions or will The Shady Boyz stay Champions?

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