New Match Added To NWA Revival: Bunkhouse Boys Get their Shot

The Dark City Fight Club will be defending the NWA World Tag Team Championships against the Bunkhouse Boys at NWA Revival Oct. 7th 2011 at the Metrolina Expo Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.  
The Bunkhouse Boys have been one of the more dominant tag teams in West Virgina for quite some time.  They had issue challenges to the Skull Krushers that fell on deaf ears.  The Bunkhouse Boys were told that they need to build up their reputation outside of NWA Mountain State.  The Boys would challenge the long standing NWA North American Tag Team Champions Team Mega and would nearly wrestle away the prestigious North American Championship Belts away. 

The boys knew they’d get a second opportunity to challenge for the North American Tag Team Titles again, but they had to be surprised to get the phone call that would put them into the mix at the NWA Revival Event in Charlotte, North Carolina. With their rivals Team Mega unable to fulfill their opportunity to challenge for the NWA World Tag Team Championship, the NWA Board of Directors contacted the Bunkhouse Boys and made the match official.  On the biggest stage, true champions rise to the top.  Will the Bunkhouse Boys prove they are ready for the spotlight?  Or will the Dark City Fight Club claim yet another victim?  Be there October 7th at the Metrolina Expo Center, Charlotte North Carolina and witness the mayhem live.


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