New IWGP Heavyweight Champion and our 100th Post!

As reported from Strong Style Spirit, All Japan President and former New Japan Ace, Keiji Muto defeated Shinsuke Nakamura with a moonsault. This marked the 4th time that Muto has won the title and the second time an All Japan wrestler had held that title. The previous winner do accomplish this feat was Satoshi Kojima. We here at the Alliance would like to congratulate Keniji Muto on his title victory and look forward to his many title defenses.

And with that I’d like to thank all of the readers that come to this blog. It might not seem like it at times, but a lot of work goes into making this blog, fun and interesting. I’d like to thank Dru Onyx, Chance Prophet, Karl Anderson, and Joey Ryan for allowing us to interview them. May 14th will mark the 1 Year Anniversary of this Fansite. Thanks for reading and check out the message board.

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