New Executive Producer at CWFH

David Marquez steps down as Executive Producer to welcome Nicholas Bonanno who has been with the company for several years has worked has an on-screen talent, but has really found his own working behind the scenes for the program.

“Today I officially hand the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood keys off to Nick Bonanno. He the show’s new Executive Producer and currently (like right now) supervising the production of the next slate of episodes. For the first time in maybe 17 years I’m not at one of my TV events by choice. I’ve given Nick and his team full reign of the broadcast. A little history; Nick came to me as a Referee. Over time he proved his ability to adapt and excel. After a few years he became our Head Official, TV Editor, Line Producer, Creative Team Member and now EP. I’ll still be involved in the program of course, but I feel the time is right to allow the next generation to create and tell their stories. In the meantime my attention will be on United Wrestling Network Primetime Live and expanding our “Championship Wrestling” television format. Very soon you’ll see our Las Vegas version with Future Stars Of Wrestling. Congratulation to Nick & Co. It’s your time!”

–David Marquez

Up until a few years ago David Marquez took a very hands on approach to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. But in the last few years with new projects emerging, Marquez has had to divest his time from the various programs he is associated with. Billy Trask replaced Marquez as the shows director a few years ago. Bonanno replacing David as show executive producer shows just how far the David Marquez Studios group has come.

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood airs on many diverse markets in the United States in both English and Spanish. In the past few years the show has started branding market specific shows in Memphis, Amarillo, Houston, and San Francisco. The market specific shows are a repackaged version of the Hollywood program with local hosts introducing the program.

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