New Challenge for the National Title Emerges

Could there be a new challenge to the NWA National Championship? Trevor Murdoch won the title in September, but has yet to have his first title defense. Could this challenger be his first?

The National Wrestling Alliance, National Heavyweight champion was crowned on one of the brightest spots of Prime Time Live on September 29th, 2020, when Trevor Murdoch defeated Aron Stevens. The National Championship had been on hiatus since January 25th, 2020, and has seemingly gone back on hiatus since Trevor Murdoch’s big victory.

On a recent episode of the Friday Hot Tag, Jay Cal spoke about who should challenge Murdoch for that title. CWFHFanNews suggested “King Fatboy” Papo Esco as a potential challenge. Other names suggested were Watts, Jordan Clearwater, and Rocky Romero. Never concerned about stoking the flames Cal took to Twitter to encourage the NWA to book that match.

This stoked some flames, to say the least. In the true sense of the DIY build up… Papo Esco called out Murdoch. Murdoch responded. Causing the One Man Lucha Gang to respond like this.

All NWA title matches appear on the United Wrestling Network are booked directly through the National Wrestling Alliance. In the mean time, the NWA National Title has not been defended since the end of September. Papo Esco and his tag team partner Danny Limelight (The Bodega) just won the number one contendership to the United Wrestling Network Tag Team Titles on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

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