New Anniversary Venue announced! | J2 Mattioli going hurt into Championship Match? | LVL UP talents will head to West Coast Pro! | LVL UP News

Level Up Pro Wrestling announced a new venue for their Anniversary Show this Saturday, September 3rd 2022! The event will now be held at

Attitude Brewing
1900 Main St
San Diego, CA 92113

All ages are welcomed! The event will held 7 Matches including Championship Matches, 2 Live Event debuts + the crowing of the first ever Level Up Tag Team Champions!

Speaking of the LVL UP Anniversary Event there is a rumor that Level Up Champion J2 Mattioli is going with a hurt neck into his title defense vs. Jordan Cruz. The Champipnship defenses vs. KC Douglas & Tyler Bateman did some damage to his neck and it got even more clear at this past Showcase episode when J2 Mattioli faced JF3000 w/ Xander Phillips. They worked on the neck and despite the win J2 Mattioli must be in pain. Will this play a factor at the Level Up Championship Match?

J2 Mattioli, Hunter Freeman & Jordan Cruz will head to West Coast Pro Wrestling for their Walk Among Us event on September 24, 2022 in Santa Cruz, California.

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