NECW Legendary Mini Series

necwlegendaryThe first episode in our exclusive YouTube mini-series NECW Legendary is about to be released. From November 17, 2004 to December 24, 2009, New England Championship Wrestling presented the first pro wrestling television series created and distributed exclusively via the Internet. We called it NECW TV.

Before there was YouTube, before social media really took hold, and just around the time that high speed internet connections became common, NECW hosted these shows on its own website. It was an immediate sensation, drawing tens of thousands of viewers worldwide every week. It was the first time original independent wrestling could be experienced online, on a regular basis, in a manner that provided a somewhat satisfying viewing experience.

NECW TV was a true innovation. The series would run for 195 episodes leading to runs on cable and broadcast TV. While the original episodes are no longer available online, in this limited series we’re going to open up the vaults and show you some of the moments that made New England Championship Wrestling LEGENDARY!

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