National Heavyweight Champion

“The Universal Soldier” Phil Shatter def. Chris LeRusso and NWA National Heavyweight Champion Crusher Hansen to win the title!

The mere appearance of the former NWA Anarchy Champion Phil Shatter gave the crowd a clue what they were in for. A solid 6’3″, 250 lbs., Shatter has been described as a man with a “heart of napalm”. Shatter got the upper hand on both competitors until Hansen dumped him to the floor, leaving him as fodder for Camp Crusher Security to assault at will. In the ring, LeRusso attempted to topple Hansen like he has in the past, but he was attacked from behind by Mantis. Referee Piston Wiley counted LeRusso out of the match, eliminating him. It was down to Hansen and Shatter. Hansen was completely unprepared for his newest challenger, but relied on all the oldest tricks in the book to try and pick up the victory. A member of Camp Crusher Security infiltrated the ring after the referee was knocked out, and laid out Shatter. But Hansen’s nemesis Brandon K hit the ring as Hansen was attempting to swing the National Title at Shatter. K grabbed the title and spun Hansen around into the awaiting grasp of Shatter. Shatter hit Hansen with a lifting DDT variation to pick up the win and become the brand new NWA National Heavyweight Champion!

Credit to NWA East for breaking the news and thanks to Khris and Eric for breaking it on the Message Board.

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