My reply to the status of the #1 NWA Worlds Championship Contender


Traditionally, the NWA North American Champion has held the status of No. 1 contender for the NWA World Heavyweight title. The current NWA North American Champion, The Sheik, through his management team, has lodged numerous protests concerning his not receiving a shot at The Legendary Ten Pounds of Gold. The NWA’s official response to these protests is as follows:

With regards to the National Wrestling Alliance’s number one contendership the Board of Directors have decided to make a statement by giving the Sheik his answer for a NWA Worlds Championship Match with reigning Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce.
The Sheik, is despicable. How could you even consider giving this madman a shot at the most prestigious title in the history of professional wrestling? Twice with my own eyes, have I witnessed the dastardly behavior of a man consumed with blood lust attack the Worlds Champion. In Santa Ana California following a six man tag team match, the Sheik took an opportunity to attack Pearce, it was all caught on KDOC-TV’s NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Again in Oceanside, when Ricky Mandel was trying to capitalize a once in a life time opportunity to impress NWA Board of Directors and perhaps even secure the Worlds Title for his own.
The Shiek’s blatant disrespect for the rules and regulations should cost him an indefinite suspension and stripping him of his North American Title. I cannot fathom why the NWA would even wish to continue to deal with the man that has used every opportunity he could find to injure the Worlds Champion.
And its not like the Sheik has limited his actions to the Worlds Champion. Previously burning the flesh NWA Florida Champion Tommy Taylor, Steve Madison, and former WWE Superstar Carlito Calon. The video proof of how he attempted to take NWA National Champion Phil Shatter out of commission on the November Coming Fire iPPV. I’ve also heard the grievances from IWA Puerto Rico with the vulgar display of hate that the Sheik bestowed upon Savio Vega.
Adam Pearce is a world class wrestler, he shouldn’t be subjected to a man who would just assume hit you with a steel chair than exchange wrists locks. Adam Pearce’s has retained his Worlds Championship against World Class Wrestlers. WWE’s Daniel Bryan, Charlie Haas, Sean Waltman, Willie Mack, Joey Ryan, Wavell Star, Colt Cabana, Flash Flanagan, Aaron Bolo, Ryan Taylor, Michael Strider, and so many more. Pearce has proved day in and day out that he’s a fighting champion. However stepping into the ring with a man who cannot tell the difference between right or wrong, a man who has unleashed a jihad against the NWA. Nobody will win in this unholy war and the credibility of the richest wrestling sanctioning body will be the only thing to suffer.
I implore the National Wrestling Alliance, do not let this match happen. Ban the Sheik, strip his North American Championship and never speak of the devil’s name again.

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