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Murdoch is the Number One Contender to the Ten Pounds of Gold. Coming off a 30 days suspension, Murdoch outlasted 15 other men to win the honor. The Worlds Heavyweight Champion openly rooted against him on commentary. When Murdoch won the battle, Aldis chastised his partners in Strictly Business and attempted to injury the winner. Murdoch not only avoided injury, but was able to put the boots, to his rival.

If Harley was here, he’d be so proud. He told me I would be World Champion some day.

Trevor Murdoch after winning the Battle Royal

Murdoch and the Return of Power

Trevor Murdoch walked into The Georgia Public Broadcasting Studios fresh of his first title defense. Murdoch defeated former NWA Central States Champion Jeremy Wyatt, at SWE Fury. He stepped into the ring against Chris Adonis for his second title defense. After what should have been a celebration for Murdoch, Adonis attacked him. And prevented him from appearing on the returning episode of POWERRR.

Aldis for one night welcomed Adonis with Thom Latimer. They would battle the TV Champion Elijah Burke, and the Tag Champions Kratos and Stevens. Long before NWA POWERRR both Aldis and Murdoch (at different times) sat under Harley Race’s Learning Tree. Harley was hands on responsible for training Trevor Murdoch. Harley also had coached Aldis during his development and certified his title reign. Rightfully so, Murdoch took exception to Aldis teaming with Adonis. When Murdoch returned he demanded to face Adonis in a NO DQ match and reprimanded the Worlds Champion. It appeared that Aldis would allow Adonis to attack Murdoch. Injured, Murdoch would lose his title to Adonis.

Upon his return, Murdoch again would continue to second guess the motives of the champion. The two had faced once off only once before on the 7th Episode of NWA POWERRR in a non-title match. Each week it became more clear, Aldis efforted to manipulate Murdoch away from the title picture. Aldis even created a six man tag match in which he would sit out. The stipulation of that match was that if Team Murdoch would lose, Trevor would have to sit out for 30 days. Latimer and Adonis would welcome Kratos to their team. Murdoch would team with Tim Storm and Aron Stevens. Team Murdoch would lose.

Murdoch entered the rumble much to the chagrin of the Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

The 14 Man Battle Royal

Not without controversy, the Battle Royal became a point of contention for Aldis and NWA Ownership. Stipulations of the Battle Royal prevented any existing champion from entering the match. Aldis convinced Latimer and Adonis to forego their shot against the Tag Team Champions, to keep them in the battle royal. Aldis even convinced Adonis to abandon the National title. The Dealer’s effort to reshuffle the cards caused chaos to episode 27 of POWERRR and was not welcomed by NWA Owner Billy Corgan. The entrants in the battle royal were; Mims, Jordan Clearwater, Marshe Rockett, Sal Rinauro, Tyrus, Jeremiah Plunkett, Thomas Latimer, Chris Adonis, Odinson, Parrow, Crimson, Jax Dane, Fred Rosser, Slice Boogie, Matt Cross and Trevor Murdoch. Murdoch will challenge Aldis at When Our Shadows Fall, Live on FITE TV June 6th at 1PM.

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