It’s the biggest party in the Summer! Millennium Pro Wrestling presents SUMMERFEST! 6 Matches including 3 Championship bouts!

This storied rivalry between Diego Valens & Miggy Rose reach a new chapter as they battle for the MPW Championship once again –  but this time in a LADDER MATCH!

This rivalry between those two started years ago before the pandemic hit. Miggy Rose cashed in his Naugthy Or Nice shot to beat Diego Valens for the MPW Championship in 2019. When MPW returned to action in 2021 The Handsome Devil defeated Miggy Rose for the MPW Title to end his record breaking +500 day title reign!
Now it’s time to bring this rivalry to the next level! The Road to MPW Summerfest way not easy as both have to overcome multiple roadblocks along the way… Let us take a look back at their road to Summerfest.

After losing the MPW Title and failed to recapture the title Miggy Rose went through a losing streak. While suffering big loses the crowd slowly feel empathy for Miggy. With getting the support of the MPW Faithfuls Miggy Rose turned his career upside down and began to start winning matches again. It went all down to the Millennium Cup Series where Miggy Rose defeated Hydie (Round 1), Duke Bennet (Round 2), Diego Valens & Brendan Divine (Finals) to win the Cup! It didn’t took long until he cashed in his Cup Series Championship Shot. He won the MPW Championship back at Frenemies and defeated TYLER BATEMAN for his first title defense recently at Face Your Fears. (This match can be considered as a Match Of The Year candidate.) With that huge win Miggy Rose is going into Summerfest with huge momentum!

Diego Valens on the other hand had a total different Road to Summerfest. After a long  successful Tag Team title run with Michael Hopkins w/ Bryan Carter as THE M.O.B. they lost & failed to recapture the Tag Titles from Cyber Storm. After getting kicked out of The M.O.B. the Handsome Devil made it his goal to get revenge on Hopkins & Carter! He cost them the Tag Team Title Match at Come To Collect and finally defeated Michael Hopkins at Bad Business – which lead to his challenge for the MPW Championship! With this huge win he could have gone with momentum into this title match but Bryan Carter had different plans as he booked Valens in a match against Tyler Bateman for MPW Revolver – which he lost… As mentioned Miggy Rose defeated Tyler Bateman a week later at MPW Face Your Fears for his first title defense! So Miggy Rose has one or two more momentum wins over Diego Valens…

Lam’s POV: While Diego Valens has the Ladder Match experience (vs. Brendan Divine in MPW 2019) over Miggy Rose, the MPW Champions scored 2 very important victories on the Road To Summerfest: The MPW Cup Finals (which includes Diego Valens) & the title defense over Tyler Bateman! And with his ability to adapt to his opponents skills & match situation I see the advantage for Miggy Rose. But you can never count out Diego Valens as he is a big match wrestler too. Due to their road to Summerfest I see Miggy Rose winning this match and defend the title for the second time.

At the end of February 2022 The Enterprise’s Robin Shaw head to Alabama to win his first Single Championship: the MPW North American Championship! But to his disappointment MPW Management doesn’t recognize the title – to this day! The Kingmaker made it his mission to made the MPW Management recognize the Championship.

Meanwhile…. Bucio won the MPW National Championship from Alejandro Mauricio Fernandez in a impromptu 3 Way Match at Rose From The Ashes. He retained over AMF the following week at MPW Frenemies and Artorias at MPW Revolver. But the path to Summerfest became clear when Robin Shaw pinned Bucio at MPW Face Your Fears in a Non-Title Match. Right after pinning the National Champion The Kingmaker made the challenge for SUMMERFEST – which was accepted. Last week at “Money Talks” Bucio & Bamboo defeated The Enterprise in a Tag Team Match – which gives Bucio momentum before MPW SUMMERFEST. But after the Tag Match Robin Shaw received a package and inside of the bag… A SUPER BEETLE MASK! Is someone playing mind games with Robin Shaw? Or is it Bucio who plays the mind game with Robin Shaw?

We know that Robin Shaw & Super Beetle have a long history together. They were once together in a group “The Friendship Farm” – lead by Gentleman Jervis. Since Super Beetle retired in 2019 both shades words on social media. Will this mask distract Robin Shaw from his goal to become Double Champion at Summerfest?

Lam’s POV: With 2 Title defenses in and getting a win back last week Bucio is still considered the underdog in this match. The mind game with Super Beetle mask might work on others but not Robin Shaw. The Kingmaker is focused to finally get acknowledged as a Single Champion and will do everything he can to win it. Especially after Leo Canedo joining The Enterprise and Cameron August’ loss at DROP IT LIKE IT HOTS it is very important that The Enterprise retain a Championship. Due to the current situation I give it to Robin Shaw as the Stock will rise with The Enterprise once again!

The MPW Tag Team Championships will be on the line! The unlikely duo of Brendan Divine & Jordan Cruz will defend against The Shady Boyz (DTF & Remi) at MPW Summerfest. Brendan & Jordan won the MPW Tag Team Titles from Cyber Storm at MPW Frenemies in May – which is something they didn’t want in the first place as MPW GM Bryan Carter booked them into this match. Despite their mis-chemistry they were able to retain the titles over The Void at MPW Revolver. After Brendan Divine overcame Jack Slammer at Money Talks & Jordan Cruz  making his debuts on AEW Dynamite, Rampage, West Coast Pro Wrestling (last Friday) & NJPWStrong (coming up) the Tag Team Champions head with a lot of momentum into their second Tag Team Title Defense.

Meanwhile… Remi has been out of action since Level Up Mass Appeal and this is his first match back. For DTF it will be the first appearence since losing his hair vs. hair match against Sexy Fabrizio at LVL UP DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT from this past Saturday. Will the loss of his hair will motivate DTF to push more this Friday at MPW? It would be the first Tag Team Title Run for The Shady Boyz if they win the titles. Plus they are unite unlike their opponents…

Lam’s POV: The winner of this match will be Brendan Divine & Jordan Cruz. Both have all the momentum and are actually working as a team – despite the lack of team chemistry. Meanwhile The Shady Boyz do not have a great track record in MPW and especially after DTF losing to Sexy Fabrizio the Shady Boyz needs some time to recover from all big losses lately.

It’s a Millennium Cup Series Rematch! Johnnie Robbie vs. Duke Bennett! When the match happend at the Millennium Cup Series Duke Bennett defeated Johnnie Robbie – who earned a lot of respect by fans & her peers. But this is not about proving herself to Duke Bennett. This is about revenge!

Johnnie Robbie introduced Jason Levi to MPW and became a instant problem for Duke Bennett as the newcomer tried to overcome the American Grizzley. Bennett defeated Levi twice – despite Johnnie Robbie’s distraction in the second match. Bennett got one back against Johnnie when he distracted her in the match against Dustin Daniels.

But can Johnnie Robbie overcome Duke Bennett? She proved time and time again that she is a tough professional wrestler against the likes of Duke Bennett & B-Boy but she hasn’t been able to score a victory over them. But lately we see a change in Johnnie Robbie. With her Rookie year being over, winning her first Championships and being undefeated on TV her confidence boosted highly and she could walk out as the winner – if she can outsmart Duke Bennett.

Lam’s POV: Duke Bennett bounced back from his MPW Millennium Cup Series loss vs. Miggy Rose and is building up his winning streak. Johnnie Robbie on the other hand – despite the loss to Dustin Daniels at MPW Money Talks – has a lot of momentum definitly is able to beat Duke Bennett, if she is able to catch him in the right moment. She will go through a lot of pain in this one… And due to the first match I think Johnnie Robbie will be able to beat Duke Bennett this time.

How did Leo Canedo end up with The Enterprise? That’s a long story… After Leo Canedo lost to Sexy Fabrizio at LVL UP My December he disappeared for a while before he made his return to LVL UP with a brand new persona… He attacked Rebel Storm and defeated him recently at LVL UP Quiet Storm. At the build up to that event weeks prior he defeated The Enterprise’s own The Kingmaker Robin Shaw in a Single Match at the Level Up Showcase on Youtube! “What does he need to do to get respect?” With that victory over Robin Shaw he earned the respect of The Enterprise and 2 weeks ago at MPW Face Your Fears Robin Shaw hired Leo Canedo as a mercenary of The Enterprise. Later that day they challenged former MPW Tag Team Champions Cyber Storm (J2 Mattioli & Rebel Storm) to a match for the No. 1 Contendership – which the former Champions accepted. At the same event Cyber Storm defeated Cypto Cartel to get back on track. But last Friday at MPW Money Talks Leo Canedo defeated J2 Mattioli! J2 got very upset with that loss just like he did when they lost the Tag Team Championships…

While in MPW J2 went through wins and losses he recently won back the Level Up Championship from Cameron August in a brutal Ladder Match! Will J2 be fit enough for this match? Leo Canedo will team up with Jeff Roth who loves to work on body parts with holds & hard strikes. At the same time Leo & Jeff never teamed up before so… Cyber Storm has a advantage when it comes to team chemistry.

Lam’s POV: Cyber Storm lost the Tag Team Titles due to a dirty tactic by Jordan Cruz – without that they would still be Tag Team Champions. With knowing that and the fact that this is not the first time they chase after their Tag Titles again made them even more determined to win them back. I think Cyber Storm will take the contendership but the team of Leo Canedo & Jeff Roth will surprise a lot of people – including me!

Jason Levi made his debut match against Duke Bennett few weeks ago on MPW and impressed a lot of fans. But the newcomer had something to prove and challenged the American Grizzly to a rematch. At that promo the Crypto Cartel interrupted him and offered him a spot but he declined. Instead he got into their faces!

AMF – a former MPW National Champion & the leader of Crypto Cartel – is looking forward to teach the newcomer a lession. Especially after rejecting his offer! For Crypto Cartel it is very important to get wins now after losing so many matches since AMF losing the MPW National Title. Will Jason Levi overcome Crypto Cartel? With Jack Slammer & El Primohenio ringside he will have a disadvantage against AMF. But if he is able to get a win over AMF, a former Champion, that would catapult him into the title picture!

Lam’s POV: It is a must-win situation for both. While for Jason Levi it would be a huge upset, a win over a former Champion would catapult his career into the title picture. For AMF it is about getting back on track after suffering multiple losses. And with Crypto Cartel members ringside I give it to AMF.

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