Millennium Pro Wrestling will kick off the Fourth Of July Weekend with their show: Star Spangled! 5 Matches has been announced including a All Star 6-Man Tag Team Match!

A All-Star 6-Man Tag Team Match will main event the Star Spangled! Super Beetle, Bucio & Rebel Storm vs. MPW Undisputed National Champion “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw, Leo Canedo & J2 Mattioli!

Super Beetle made his successful return to the ring last week when he defeated Che Cabera. With that huge return victory he has his eyes now on his old friend Robin Shaw – and the MPW Undisputed National Title! Shaw will looking forward to get rid of his former teammate.

For Rebel Storm it will be the opportunity to face his former Cyber Storm partner J2 Mattioli. We saw a total different J2 since he turned his back on Rebel Storm. Will Rebel be able to get closer to save J2 from himself again?

For Bucio it will be a huge chance to get closer to a National Title match again after losing to Michael Hopkins last week. But Robin Shaw’s hired Mercenary Leo Canedlo will to everything he can to prevent him from it.

Lam’s POV: While the focus is shifted to the two major rivalries between Shaw-Beetle & J2-, Leo Canedo & Bucio could steal the spotlight in that match. I see the advantage for Shaw, Leo & J2 here which is why they are my pick to win this match.

Chris Nasty made a lot of raves lately and now he’ll make his debut this Friday against the MPW Champion Miggy Rose! The Friday Night Highlight – who defeated Diego Valens in a Ladder Match at MPW Summerfest – is looking for his next challenger. Could it be Nasty? For Chris Nasty it would be a huge impact if he is able to defeat THE Champion in his debut match.

Lam’s POV: I don’t know a lot about Chris Nasty – seeing only a couple of matches of him but this match up is a very fresh one. Despite the raves around him I still think Miggy Rose will walk out as the winner with alll the momentum after beating Diego Valens at MPW Summerfest.

After betraying Brendan Divine & losing the MPW Tag Team Championships Jordan Cruz is ready to get his hands on some Single gold! But this week he’ll go one on one with Johnnie Robbie! FIRST TIME EVER!

Johnnie Robbie comes off MPW Summerfest with a huge victory over the “American Grizzley” Duke Bennett and not only that – she earned his respect! With earning the respect of B-Boy & Duke Bennett Johnnie Robbie is ready to show Southern California and beyond that she can hang with one of the best the West Coast has to offer in Jordan Cruz!

Lam’s POV: THAT match up excited me the most when all matches were announced. I mentioned it before how I see a big future in Johnnie Robbie as she could be one of the cornerstone of SoCal Women’s Wrestling before getting to bigger things in Mexico, Japan or getting signed. But to get to the next step she must survive Jordan Cruz – who in many eyes one of the best on the West Coast. Despite the momentum Johnnie Robbie has I see Jordan Cruz winning this one due to the fact that he left Brendan & the Tag Titles behind to finally get some Single gold! A must win situation for the Modern Day Spartan.

It is the year of Cameron August so far. Despite losing the LVL UP Championship, he recently won the MPW Tag Team Championships alongside Jeff Roth! A week after this title win he’ll go one on one with JACKED Daniels!

JACKED Daniels’ win-loss is on a rollercoaster since he lost the MPW Championship match for the vacant title. But a win over one half of the MPW Tag Team Champions could be a start of something! But would JACKED Daniels be even interested getting back the MPW Tag Team Titles? Full Send is no more… Maybe he will find a partner? After his DQ Win over Robin Shaw few weeks ago JACKED Daniels demands the Undisputed National | North American Title! But to challenge for it he has to win constantly…

Lam’s POV: With the current momentum I see Cameron August winning this one. Not only that – with The Enterprise being ringside – Cameron will have a advantage over Dustin. While August’ victory is for sure it will be very interesting to see IF Dustin Daniels wins and how this will play out the upcoming weeks. Especially with him wanting the MPW National Title!

Auntie Hydie & Mylo faced each other at MPW Cyber Storm months ago but… Hydie has been “interested” in becoming her new friend after she lost her old friend in the past months… Especially after being on a losing streak Auntie Hydie is looking to get back on track and her new victim… But will she be able to beat Mylo? Mylo is also on a losing streak lately so it is a must win for both!

Lam’s POV: While it is a MUST WIN for both sides I think Auntie Hydie will walk out with the victory. Not only she has The Void in her corner but it looks like she has something of her sleeves to get this important victory. What will the outcome of this match? Will Mylo overcome the power of Hydie or will she fall and turn into something different like Hydie did to J2 Mattioli & Dr. Phil Goode in the past?

**Millennium Pro Wrestling is live every Friday from Chatsworth, CA and available to watch on Youtube!**

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