MPW Speedway Results & Power Ranking

Millennium Pro Wrestling Speedway 2020 | July 22, 2022 | Chatsworth, CA

1. Match
MPW Champion Miggy Rose defeated Artorias in a non-title match
• after the Match Pinky announced that Rose will defend his title vs. Watts at California Classic

2. Match
Duke Bennett defeated The Baphoment
• after the match Duke Bennett cut a promo about being THE FAVORITE
• Pinky announced Tyler Bateman vs. Duke Bennett at Grizzly Death

3. Match
Johnnie Robbie & Mylo defeated Auntie Hydie & Gin Savage

4. Match
Full Send defeated Jeff Roth & Leo Canedo

5. Match
Chris Nasty defeated AMF w/ Jack Slammer
• Pinky put Chris Nasty in the California Classic after Bryan Carter declined Nasty a spot last week!

Main Event
“The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw defeated Bamboo to retain the MPW National Championship for V2
• Brendan Divine came out to challenge Robin Shaw for the title at California Classic!

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