With full speed ahead Millennium Pro Wrestling is heading to MPW California Classic  (August 5, 2022). Who will build up momentum at MPW Speedway for the California Classic Rumble?

Bamboo was very close winning the Battle Royal to earn himself a Championship Opportunity at MPW California Classic but due to Leo Canedo’s dirty tactic – he ripped his mask off – he was eliminated in the final three. Later on that event Bamboo confronted Robin Shaw backstage about Leo’s dirty tactic. The Kingmaker was in a very good mood due to his pinfall victory over former MPW National Champion Bucio so he granted Bamboo a MPW National Championship Match – not for the MPW North American Championship though because Shaw doesn’t care about the National Title, which was seen clearly at LVL UP RAISE UP where he stepped on the Championship title. Bamboo accepted the offer which made the Match official!

For Bamboo this will be his first Championship Match but not the first time he’ll face The Enterprise. In the past Bamboo faced The Enterprise’s Mercenary Leo Canedo on LEVEL UP WRESTLING events. Facing Robin Shaw is never easy but can Bamboo overcome the Kingmaker knowing that Jeff Roth & Leo Canedo will be ringside?

Speaking of The Enterprise: one half of the MPW Tag Team Champion Jeff Roth & “The Mercenary” Leo Canedo will face FULL SEND in a Tag Team Match! Despite Dustin Daniels agreed to do one Tag Team Match – which they lost last week to The Enterprise in the MPW Tag Team Championship Match – the goal for Dustin & Bucio remains the same: Getting one back on The Enterprise. So this week it will be another chance for them to get closer to a National Championship Match by beating Jeff Roth & Leo Canedo. With Bamboo challenging for the MPW National Title the hunt for The Enterprise’s gold is open!

After defeating Tyler Bateman, Diego Valens in a Ladder Match and J2 Mattioli Miggy Rose seems unstoppable as MPW Champion. This week he’ll face a top test in Artorias! Artorias proved lately that he can hang with Champions in MPW & LEVEL UP and will do it again against Miggy Rose. While we’re on the road to the California Classic, a win over Miggy Rose could boost Artorias right into the No. 1 Contenders spot before the big summer event! With all the momentum Miggy Rose has right now it will be the toughest test for Artorias.

The American Grizzly Duke Bennett declared himself as THE FAVORITE to win the California Classic and as the next MPW Champion. This week on Millennium Pro Wrestling he’ll face The Baphomet of The Void! The Baphoment could become a real threat to Duke Bennett in the California Classic due to being as big as Bennett. Whoever comes out as the winner it will be a statement for the upcoming MPW California Classic.

What a match Mylo and Johnnie Robbie (c) had for the Venue Wrestling Entertainment Women’s Championship at MPW Eye Of The Storm! But sadly there was no happy end when Auntie Hydie came into the ring and took them both out. With revenge on their mind Mylo & Johnnie challenged Auntie Hydie to a Tag Team Match. With this match we will see the MPW debut of Gin Sevani. The advantage is on Mylo & Johnnie in this match due to their previous run as a team and their team chemistry. Who knows? After so many losses Auntie Hydie might have something in her sleeves to finally get a victory…

Despite suffering loses against MPW Champion Miggy Rose & Tyler Bateman Chris Nasty earned the respect of the MPW Faithfuls. He will try to continue that by facing former MPW National Champion Alejandro Mauricio Fernandez! AMF has been on a losing streak since losing the MPW National Championship and will do everything he can to change that – especially with the California Classic right around the corner. With Jack Slammer in AMF’s corner Chris Nasty will have a huge disadvantage in this match. Can he finally get a win in MPW against all odds?

** Millennium Pro Wrestling is live every Friday in Chatsworth, CA and also available to watch on Youtube! **

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