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Millennium Pro Wrestling Shinobi | October 14, 2022 | Chatsworth, California

1. Match
MPW National Championship
Super Beetle (c) defeated Koto Hiro
• Dustin Daniels attacked Super Beetle after the Match

2. Match
Shady Boyz defeated The Enterprise

3. Match
Ray Rosas defeated Cody Prince
• after the Match Rosas continued the assault on Prince until Johnnie Robbie made the save
• Pinky made a 3 Way Match official for MPW Road To The Throne

4. Match
Diego Valens defeated Leo Canedo w/ The Enterprise
• Robin Shaw announced that The Enterprise will go through some chances and offered Leo Canedo a spot – but only if he gets rid of Max The Mask. Leo declinced the offer.

5. Match
MPW Champion Miggy Rose defeated The Baphomet w/ Auntie Hydie via DQ
• Auntie Hydie challengee Miggy Rose for the title at MPW King Of Xtreme

Main Event
MPW Tag Team Championships
Brothers Divine (c) defeated Crypto Cartel

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