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What a chaotic event we saw last week at MPW All Out War. Not only did Brothers Divine & Super Beetle retained the titles in a Tornado 6-Man Tag Match over The Enterprise but Jordan Cruz shocked the MPW Faithfuls which earns him the title match this Friday. 5 Matches have been announced for this week so let us take a look at the card.

The MPW Championship will be on the line in a 3-Way Match between the Champion Miggy Rose, All Star Scramble Winner Chris Nasty & “Modern Spartan” Jordan Cruz!

What a MPW Championship reign by Miggy Rose so far. Without using dirty tactics he went through war in his title defenses and each challenger was tougher than the other. Miggy Rose admitted that for some times he is dealing with some neck issues and he feels the weigh of being Champion. That neck issues were seen against Jordan Cruz – who was added to this 3 Way Match after he defeated Miggy Rose last week.

A 3-Way Match puts the Champion in a huge disadvantage as he can lose the title without being involved in the decision. But is it unfair to Chris Nasty – who won a All Star 6-Man Scramble Match at the MPW Anniversary Show? If the third man was someone else, maybe, but because it’s Jordan Cruz that is a different story. Why? Simple: Chris Nasty would have to gone through Jordan Cruz one day sooner or later.

Nasty & Cruz got into each others way started at the MPW California Classic Rumble Match when they both eliminated each other. Both were part of the Pinky vs. Carter Elimination Tag Match – in which Cruz eliminiated Nasty! So technically the Modern Spartan has a pinfall victory over the No. 1 Contender & Champion. For the Lucha Scumbag it would be even more satisfying if he wins the MPW Championship in front of Jordan Cruz’s presence or even pin him to win the Championship!

This 3 Way Match could end up as a Match Of The Year candidate for 2022. Who will walk out and walk in to King Of Xtreme as Champion?

The next No. 1 Contender for the MPW National Championship will be declared this Friday as Diego Valens will face “Jacked” Dustin Daniels!

After recent wins against Bucio (Loser Leaves Town), “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw & Fabrizio “Jacked” Daniels is focused to finally win Single Championship (the unrecognized MPW North American Championship doesn’t count). Especially with Bucio gone, there will be no more Full Send Matches so he can focus on himself.

Diego Valens had a rollercoaster of wins and losses lately. After beating AMF – a former MPW National Champion – becoming No. 1 Contender to the MPW National Championship could be the right path to end the year with a Championship.

Speaking of the MPW National Championship, the Champion Super Beetle will be on commentary to have a closer look to his next challenger.

Crypto Cartel finally wants to have some gold around their waist so this Tag Team Match could help them to climb up the rankings to get closer to a Tag Team Championship Match vs. Brothers Divine.

Fabrizio lost to “Jacked” Dustin Daniels lately on MPW and also losing a lot of momentum in Level Up Pro Wrestling. Getting some momentum in Millennium Pro Wrestling could help him to get his mojo back. Meanwhile Sunset Tiger will make his Millennium Pro Wrestling debut and with impressive Live Event matches like against B-Boy or the 5 Way Match he could surprise many of the MPW Faithfuls.

Ray Rosas has been on a roll since he turned on Johnnie Robbie at the MPW Anniversary Show. He brought back the Ray Rosas Invitational and defeated the likes of Diego Valens, Artorias & Jack Slammer. This week he’ll go one on one with “The M.A.W.” Michael Hopkins!

After Bryan Carter losing his spot as MPW General Manager and not winning the MPW All Star Scramble at the Anniversary Show Michael Hopkins needs a win in this match to build up momentum again in Millennium Pro Wrestling! Especially with MPW King Of Xtreme coming up. A win over Ray Rosas could open a spot for Michael Hopkins.

Brothers Divine finally kicked The Enterprise out of the Title Picture after winning the All Out War Match alongside Super Beetle. With them out of the picture Danny & Brendan Divine are looking for new challengers. This week they’ll face The Void!

Artorias & The Baphomet were not lucky last time when they were in action. While Artorias lost the Ray Rosas Invitational, The Baphomet lost to Cereal Man at MPW Breaking Point. Can they turn the tables for themselves and beat the MPW Tag Team Champions in Non-Title competition?

** Millennium Pro Wrestling is live every Friday from Chatsworth, California and available to watch on Youtube! **

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