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Millennium Pro Wrestling just came off a huge event: Pinky vs. Bryan with a new General Manager! That changed the course of the Anniversary Spectacular as we’re 3 weeks away to celebrate!

What a shock that was in the 8-Man Elimination Tag Team Match between Team Pinky & Team Carter: Michel Hopkins pinned MPW Champion Miggy Rose to eliminate the Champion from the match! Not only was that a huge pinfall for the M.A.W. but a unexpected pinfall loss for Miggy Rose – right before Anniversary Spectacular! How will this effect his momentum going into the Anniversary Event?

Sure the pinfall loss came in a 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match – where chaos is calculated but… Miggy Rose hasn’t lost a Match since he became MPW Millennium Cup Series Winner and with Duke Bennett being in that match too it must have hurt his momentum. Can we he get a victory back over Michael Hopkins?

Bryan Carter lost his GM job in MPW but he is not gone from MPW… Which means he will be focus to help Michael Hopkins to win this one – no matter what! Because another win over the current MPW Champion could catapult Hopkins right into the Title Picture after the Anniversary Show. It is a must-win situation for Miggy Rose to keep up his momentum.

The Brothers Divine are back and ready to finally reach their goal of becoming Tag Team Champions together. But before they get to the MPW Tag Team Championships & The Enterprise they have a huge roadBLOCK before them: Xander Phillips & JF3000! The Block have the chance of a lifetime – on September 3rd, 2022 they’ll be in the LVL UP Tag Team Championship Battle Royal to determine the first ever Champions and this Friday they’ll face the 2021 SoCal Tag Team Of The Year for the No. 1 Contendership for the MPW Tag Team Championships. It could be a very busy & very successful second half of 2022 for The Block!

But can they pull the upset? The Block has been a team for a few months now, but already show great team chemistry in and outside the ring – which they showed at the LISTEN UP by Level Up Episode.

Meanwhile… Brothers Divine have not competed in a Tag Team Match together for 8 months (also because of Danny’s injury) so the team could be a bit rusty against a well oiled machine. But with the long rivalry between Brendan Divine & The Enterprise the Divines want nothing more than beating The Enterprise on MPW – their home!

Speaking of The Enterprise… Leo Canedo was supposed to face Super Beetle this week on MPW Gold Rose after The Super Bug made his surprising return after his injury at MPW Pinky vs. Carter. But due to circumstances beyond control Leo Canedo will face Bucio!

Bucio & The Enterprise – this is a rivalry going on for months since Robin Shaw made his challenge for the MPW National Championship at MPW Summerfest. With him pinning Dustin Daniels last week at the 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Tag Team Match and new fire he is ready to regain his MPW National Championship! That is something Leo Canedo will try to prevent this Friday!

Will “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw be to worried about other matches than his own match? Like mentioned… The Brothers Divine are after the MPW Tag Team Championships – which are held by Jeff Roth & Cameron August – and Bucio (who will replace Super Beetle this Friday) will face Leo Canedo this week. Both could effect the matches for The Enterprise going into the Anniversary Spectacular!

He will face Dick Mandrill of Los Otros! While it’s a different for Mandrill – as he used to be in Tag Team action – it is also like a Preview for the Level Up Anniversary Show as both competitors will be in the Battle Royal for the first ever Level Up Tag Team Championship! So this will be a small preview and also Dick Mandrill’s MPW debut! So the MPW Faithfuls will see a new face and who knows? Maybe we will see Los Otros compete in MPW together some day!

Duke Bennett is the MPW California Classic Rumble Winner 2022 and will challenge for the MPW Championship at the MPW  Anniversary Spectacular. The American Grizzly is ready to be on top of Millennium Pro Wrestling. But this week at MPW Rose Gold he is not facing any other man… He is facing The King Remi Morgan!

At the MPW California Classic Duke Bennett eliminated Remi Morgan and that doesn’t amused the King as he felt the CA Classic win was his destiny. Remi Morgan is someone who will do whatever it takes to win and that is something that could help him against Duke Bennett brute strength! Can Remi get some revenge on Bennett this week on MPW Rose Gold?

Last week Dustin Daniels was pinned by Bucio in the 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Tag Team Match and was the first elimination of the match! After eliminating Bucio & beating him a week prior the 8-Man Tag this pinfall loss stops his momentum a bit. He will do everything he can to win this match – to get closer to a MPW National Championship Match.

Reminder: He has still a DQ win over The Kingmaker Robin Shaw!

But Chris Nasty will try to prevent that as he is climbing up the rankings in his MPW Rookie year and became a big fan favorite already. He lost to Robin Shaw few weeks ago – but that was also due to his leg injury. Could he beat the Kingmaker when he is 100%? But to do that he has to start a winning streak and if he beats Dustin Daniels this Friday we get a step closer.

** Millennium Pro Wrestling is live ever Friday from Chatsworth, CA & is available to watch on Youtube! **

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