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The Road To The Throne Show will be the final stop before MPW goes Xtreme next week with King Or Xtreme! 6 Matches have been announced which could effect the event next week – let us take a look.

Diego Valens, Ray Rosas & the returning Johnnie Robbie will battle in a 3 Way Match – with a special situation! The winner of this Match will enter the King Of Xtreme Match last and the one who takes the fall will enter the Match first! Diego Valens could be the one with last laugh in this match with Johnnie Robbie trying to get revenge on Ray Rosas – who turned his back on his former protegè at California Classic. But with his undefeated streak going into this Match it wouldn’t be a surprise if Rosas find a way to sneak out with the victory. No matter who wins or lose, it will a huge role in next weeks King Of Xtreme Match!

After Miggy Rose successfully defended his MPW Championship at Rule Of 3’s Auntie Hydie came out and attacked the Champion. It looks like Auntie Hydie wants the MPW Championship! The MPW Champion is ready to fight and will face one of The Void members today! Who’ll it be? And will that member weaken Miggy Rose before he could defend his title against Auntie Hydie?

The turn that shocked the MPW Faithfuls this summer. After they lost the MPW Tag Team Championships and failed to become contenders for the titles once again J2 Mattioli attacked his Cyber Storm partner Rebel Storm. After that break up they faced each other with J2 going out as the winner of that match but Rebel got some revenge at California Classic when he eliminated his former partner. Now this rivalry get some new life when they face each other once again TODAY at MPW.

The Brothers Divine defended their MPW Tag Team Championships last week against Crypto Cartel. This week AMF could get Crypto Cartel another title opportunity – if he beats Danny Divine! Danny will do everything he can to keep Brothers Divine’s momentum by staying undefeated.

Super Astro Jr. returns to Millennium Pro Wrestling today! The International Luchador will go one on one with Che Cabera! The last time Latino Meat was in MPW he lost to Chris Nasty and was confronted by General Manager Pinky Santinos about his lack of fire. Will Cabera be able to show Pinky that he still has the fire in him?

Dustin Daniels is one week away from challenging Super Beetle for the MPW National Championship. To prepare himself for the Match he’ll face Bamboo from Level Up Pro Wrestling today. Will JACKED Daniels be able to grow his momentum before King Of Xtreme or will Bamboo be able to stop him and possibly get a title match himself after King Of Xtreme?

** Millennium Pro Wrestling is live every Friday from Chatsworth, California & available to watch on Youtube! **

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