Millennium Pro Wrestling presents REVOLVER on May 27th with 5 Matches – including 2 Championship Matches! Plus we’ll see the return of Tyler Bateman & TMDK’s Shane Haste!

It’s official! Miggy Rose will defend his MPW Championship against Diego Valens at MPW Summerfest in a LADDER MATCH – but only if he remains Champion until Summerfest! This week on MPW Revolver he’ll face LEVEL UP PRO WRESTLING’s KC DOUGLAS!

For KC Douglas it’ll be his MPW debut and what a way to start your career in MPW by facing their Champion. With the reunion of 8 Bit Lit (Him, J2 Mattioli & Michael Hopkins) in LVL UP and the win over The Enterprise KC Douglas will debut with a lot of momentum. If KC Douglas is able to beat Miggy Rose this Friday he can demand a Championship Match – which could completely change the Road To Summerfest! Miggy Rose will do everything he can to prevent that especially with the potential Ladder Match vs. Diego Valens in his mind. Who’ll come out victorious in that match?

Speaking of the Road to Summerfest… Diego Valens – who will challenge for the MPW Championship – will go one on one with the GAWD DAMN MAN Tyler Bateman! Both have a lot of momentum in MPW…

After a losing streak under the Carter Corporation they kicked him out – which was a blessing for Diego Valens as he went on to cost them the Tag Team Titles at Come To Collect & reaching the Millennium Cup Series Final. Last week he got revenge by defeating The M.A.W. Michael Hopkins & kicking Bryan Carter’s head off! Now with that chapter closed Diego Valens has his eyes to get back the MPW Title but will he be able to keep his momentum when he faces Tyler Bateman?

Tyler Bateman was scheduled to face Miggy Rose at Come To Collect but that match got postponed due to circumstances. Instead Bateman faced (unofficial) MPW North American Champion “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw and defeated The Kingmaker! Besides that he has a victory over Jordan Cruz and a Draw against Brendan Divine – the current, reigning MPW Tag Team Champions! If he defeats the No. 1 contender to the MPW Championship Diego Valens the GAWD DAMN MAN can demand a title match right before Summerfest- which could change the entire Road to Summerfest! Who’ll emerge victorious?

The Tag Team Championships will be on the line! Brendan Divine & Jordan Cruz – the unlikely duo – will defend the titles for the first time against The Void (Hydie & The Baphomet)! Divine & Cruz who battled each other in MOTY Candidate Matches, cost each other Championships and to a big surprise they won the Tag Team Championships! But now they have The Void as their first big test…

For The Void (Auntie Hydie & The Baphomet) it’s the opportunity for a new beginning. Lately they lost a lot of matches and need a big win to get back their winning way. With their opponents not being on the same page 100% the chances are high that they not only get a victory but also the MPW Tag Team Championships!

Brendan Divine is no stranger to The Void as he had a long rivalry with them for the MPW National Championship. For Jordan Cruz this is this the first time he faces The Void but if he defeat The Void here it will boost his confidence even more! In a short time he would have beaten Brendan Divine himself, J2 Mattioli, Rebel Storm & The Void. The Void could also be the reason that Brendan & Jordan finally click as a team…

Bucio is the MPW National Champion since MPW Rose From The Ashes. Despite the last second addition he made the most of it. The defended his Championship already against the former Champion AMF. Now he will have another huge test ahead: Artorias! Despite The Void having a losing streak going on, Artorias retain momentum with strong performences. This title match could be his chance to – not only becoming Champion – but also to start something new!

After AMF lost his MPW National Championship rematch against Bucio, a frustrated AMF & Jack Slammer met Johnnie Robbie backstage. After some banter they agreed to face each other in a Tag Team Match. Her Tag Team Partner: Shane Haste!

After some back & fourth on social media both agreed to do one Tag Team Match and lucky enough MPW Management saw the tweets and decided to put them together against AMF & El Primohenio. But can they co-exist while having their banter? Or will AMF & El Primohenio steal the victory?

** MILLENNIUM PRO WRESTLING is live every Friday and you can watch the events later on Youtube! **

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